itchy dog

Allergies can affect our pets as much as they affect us. Unfortunately, our dogs cannot tell us when they are suffering from allergies. If you have an itchy dog, there is a good chance that allergies are the cause. Keep reading to learn more about allergies in dogs and how to get treatment to bring them relief from their skin issues:

Ruhroh: Itchy Dog Causes

If your dog is suddenly scratching more than normal, it is important to figure out the cause. Identifying the catalyst is the best way to find the proper treatment that will erase your dog’s discomfort so he can get back to his normal, carefree life. The following can cause itchiness in dogs:

  • Fleas: Not always visible to the naked eye, these pests can bite your dog, which will leave him scratching at his skin. Monthly preventives can help you avoid dealing with fleas.
  • Environmental Allergies: Our canine companions might be as susceptible to hay fever as we are. Environmental allergens like mold, dust mites, or even pollen might trigger an allergic reaction in your dog, which will lead to excessive scratching. Sometimes these allergies can be seasonal, but they might last throughout the year in some cases.
  • Food Allergies: Yes, even our dogs can be allergic to ingredients found in food created especially for canines. If you notice your dog starts scratching a lot, especially after eating, you might want to talk to the vet about a food allergy test.
  • Infections: Sometimes infections can cause itching. Both yeast and bacterial infections might cause your dog to scratch to try to find some relief. If you suspect this might be the cause of the scratching, talk to your vet about skincare options.

Allergy Treatment

Luckily there are plenty of effective treatment options if it turns out your dog is itching because of allergies. If Spot is suffering from environmental allergies, sometimes all it takes to bring relief is some allergy-specific shampoo or skin oil. Certain medications like prescription steroids might also help, but antihistamines are not usually the best option for animals. Sometimes even just switching your pet’s food can provide instant relief. Talk to your veterinarian about the right treatment option for your dog’s specific allergies.

At The Bluffs Pet Clinic, we offer pet allergy testing for dogs (and cats) so we can determine what is causing your dog’s itchy skin. Once we know the underlying issue, we can find the right treatment option. To learn more about our services or to schedule an allergy test, call (651) 388‑1103.