The Many Explanations Of Food Aggression in Cats

An aggressive tabby cat growling.

Cats can definitely adapt well to their home environments, and see few reasons to rock the boat. Fairly agreeable when it comes to their daily needs, cats can enjoy meal times, litter box visits, grooming, and play-ambushing without incident. That doesn’t mean that all cats have it easy, though. Certain behaviors, like food aggression in cats, have the potential to alienate others and make a peaceful cohabitation next to impossible.  


Pet Zoomies Explained

A dog releasing pent up energy with a burst of the zoomies.

Have you ever noticed your dog racing in circles at top speed, or a kitten leaping and pouncing non-stop? As an observer, it can be difficult to restrain your laughter at the cuteness overload.  You may wonder at the mystery of why your pets have the zoomies in the first place. The team at The Bluffs Pet Clinic is here to explain the phenomenon known as pet zoomies and the reasons for this strange behavior.