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Advanced Veterinary Diagnostic Services

The Bluffs Pet Clinic offers the latest veterinary diagnostic technologies for cats and dogs in Red Wing, MN. Our advanced diagnostic testing services are performed in-house, which enables our doctors to diagnose illness sooner and provide targeted and effective medical treatment for your sick pet.

Digital Radiography

A digital x-ray

Digital radiography provides an enhanced look at your pet's internal organs. Our doctors use digital x-ray images to quickly evaluate and diagnose conditions of the heart, lungs, bones, abdominal and reproductive systems. Digital technology allows for a more efficient diagnosis and improved treatment for your pet. This also allows us to have x-rays reviewed promptly by a board certified radiologist to assist in complicated cases. In addition The Bluffs Pet Clinic uses digital dental x-rays during dental exams to get a clear view of your pet’s teeth above and below the gum line.


We offer Ultrasound for additional diagnostic care. Ultrasound is a pain-free, non-invasive diagnostic tool that helps identify specific health conditions in cats and dogs. The images can help determine pregnancy and evaluate organ abnormalities, kidney/bladder stones, and tumors. Ultrasound scans are provided by a specialist and are available by appointment only.

In-House Laboratory

With an on-site laboratory for full-service medical testing and screening, we can perform complete blood count (CBC), Thyroid, blood chemistry, urinalysis, fecal testing for internal parasites, and heartworm testing. We perform cytology examinations of ear and skin cells for possible infections, and offer screening tests for canine and felines viruses to help keep your pet current on vaccinations.


The Bluffs Pet Clinic operates an in-house pharmacy offering convenient prescriptions and refills to meet your pet's health needs. Filling your pet's medical prescription in our pharmacy gives you same-day access to medications so that your pet does not miss any doses. You can rest assured that your pet's medicine is sourced from verified vendors, and our team can answer any questions regarding dosage guidelines and potential side-effects or interactions. Our pharmaceutical inventory includes flea and tick medications, heartworm preventives, prescription diets, and a comprehensive herbal pharmacy. The Bluffs Pet Clinic also offers an online store where you can arrange to have prescriptions and other pharmaceutical products shipped directly to your doorstep.