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Compassionate Pet Euthanasia Services

Losing a beloved pet can be an overwhelming experience. At The Bluffs Pet Clinic, we truly understand that pets aren’t just pets—they are an important and valued member of your family. We know that saying a final goodbye to a cherished companion can be traumatic no matter the situation, and we offer compassionate support for you and your family during this difficult time.

What to Expect

Cat laying comfortably

There is never a right time to say goodbye to your pet. It's not something that can be easily predicted, but you may start to notice certain signs that your pet's life just isn’t the same. Perhaps they are experiencing chronic pain caused by a terminal illness, or are exhibiting behavioral changes, e.g., loss of appetite, extreme fatigue, declining interest in general activities. Our doctors offer empathetic care and guidance, and will answer all your questions/concerns to help you navigate through the euthanasia process. We also provide a Pet Quality of Life Assessment to help you assess your pet's overall condition and make the best decision regarding their medical needs when the time comes.

The Bluffs Pet Clinic offers a private comfort room where you can spend as much time as you need with your pet. After a consultation with the doctor, we place an intravenous catheter in your pet's vein to administer a sedative. The sedative helps relax your pet and blocks the pain receptors prior to the final injection. Your pet should not feel any pain or discomfort and the end-of-life transition is peaceful and quick.

The Bluffs Pet Clinic partners with a dignified and caring cremation service provider. This partnership allows us to offer you many urn and pet memorial options based on your personal preferences. To learn more about our euthanasia services for pets, please contact us.