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Pet Herbal Therapy

The Bluffs Pet Clinic provides comprehensive herbal therapy treatments for cats and dogs in Red Wing, MN. We are a full-service practice that offers a holistic approach to veterinary medicine, and our top priority is to provide an excellent standard of personalized care for your pet.

Dog in a field

Humans have used herbal therapies to treat injuries and ailments for thousands of years, and many veterinarians have successfully used these same healing herbs to treat animals. At The Bluffs Pet Clinic, we combine Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) remedies with Western medications to treat a variety of medical conditions including:

The first step to herbal therapy for your pet is a complete physical exam and medical assessment by one of our experienced doctors. After the consultation, our team will develop a customized treatment plan that accounts for your pet’s overall health, the condition being treated, and any current prescriptions. Certain herbal remedies may be recommended as an enhancement to other veterinary treatments such as Acupuncture and Tui Na.

The Bluffs Pet Clinic has an on-site herbal pharmacy with a wide selection of natural herbal products and supplements. Herbal medications come in capsule, liquid, tablet, and granular form, and we carefully manage the preparations to ensure correct dosages and improved recovery outcomes for your pet. Certain herbal therapies have a different effect on animals compared to humans. Our trained team members can answer any questions regarding prescription instructions.

To learn more about our pet herbal therapies, please contact us.