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Pet Pain Management Therapy

One of our canine patients

The Bluffs Pet Clinic provides personalized pain management programs for cats and dogs in Red Wing, MN. We are a full-service practice that offers a holistic approach to veterinary medicine, and our experienced doctors combine the best of traditional Western treatments and Eastern techniques to give your pet the highest standard of care.

If your pet is suffering from chronic pain or recovering from an injury, our pain management therapies can ease their discomfort and help them feel better. Acute pain typically results from post-surgical wounds or infections, while chronic pain can be linked to long-term medical conditions such as arthritis, skin disorders, and cancers.

The Bluffs Pet Clinic team has developed integrative treatments for both acute and chronic pain conditions that can be customized to fit your pet’s health and recovery needs. We may use a combination of pharmaceuticals, homeopathics, and eastern herbs. In addition to laser therapy, we offer a variety of non-invasive techniques including acupuncture and Tui Na (Chinese therapeutic massage).

Laser Therapy

The Bluffs Pet Clinic provides laser therapy to treat acute illnesses and chronic pain. Therapeutic laser is a non-invasive, pain-free, and drug-free treatment that helps reduce pain and inflammation and improves healing. This innovative therapy uses deep-penetrating light energy to create a biological response that stimulates cells and releases endorphins to relieve pain. The laser energy reduces inflammation and swelling by improving blood circulation, and the cellular response encourages natural healing and recovery.

One of our canine patients

Your pet can benefit from laser therapy if they are experiencing pain from a surgical wound or laceration. Laser therapy can also help treat various medical conditions including:

Depending on your pet's health status, a laser therapy session at The Bluffs Pet Clinic usually lasts 10–15 minutes. The procedure is painless. Your pet may experience a warm sensation from the laser wand, but will otherwise remain comfortable and relaxed. Positive results after a few treatments are common, although your pet's general response depends on the severity of their medical condition.

We know that pets are experts at hiding pain, so it can be difficult to recognize when your pet is hurting. If you notice significant changes in your pet's behavior, e.g., loss of appetite, poor sleep habits, mobility problems, increased aggression, etc. it could be a sign that your pet is experiencing pain. Please call us to schedule an appointment for pain management or laser therapy treatment.