A chihuahua wearing a sweater.

Between sweaters, vests, booties, and parkas, there’s simply no shortage of excellent winter gear for pet options out there. Now, your pet may have a different opinion on the subject, but once they feel the warmth and comfort, they’ll want to wear it all season long. 

Aren’t They Born For It?

There are many dog breeds that have thick double coats designed to endure extreme winter weather. Among them, St. Bernards, huskies, and malamutes are prime examples of breeds that welcome fiercely cold weather. That said, these large, thick-coated dogs still benefit from close observation, paw protection, and limited time in freezing conditions.

Who’s Who?

Many dog breeds do not come equipped with the ability to conserve their body heat, which places them at high risk of hypothermia and frostbite. These pets may include the following:

  • Puppies
  • Underweight dogs
  • Small boned breeds, such as chihuahuas or greyhounds
  • Aging, senior, or arthritic pets
  • Pets with a preexisting condition like heart disease or hypothyroidism

You will probably notice a reluctance in a pet with heightened sensitivity to cold. They may not want to run outside for a bathroom break, or shiver even when cuddled up in bed. These pups can be carried outside to specific potty places and rewarded when they go. Alternatively, they may opt to relieve themselves on puppy pads or indoor bathroom spots. 

How to Buy the Right Things

While your pet will look cute in their winter gear, if they aren’t comfortable in it, the deal’s off. Be sure that they can move without restriction. Vision should never be compromised, and they must be able to go to the bathroom without problems. If possible, try a few different coats, sweaters or vests on your pet before taking the plunge. 

Take notes about their neck circumference, length from neck to hips, distance between their shoulder and the ground, and how large their chest is. A current weight can also be helpful when shopping for winter gear for pets. 

We recommend purchasing winter pet gear that is easy to care for. Machine-washable fabrics that are also water repellent or water-resistant can make them even more valuable.

Winter Gear For Pets

To get you started on the right path, we recommend the following winter gear for pets: 

With the right gear,and plenty of time to learn how to wear it, your pet will be well on their way toward an enjoyable, safe, and healthy winter. 

Please call us at (651) 388-1103 with any questions about winter gear for pets. We’re always here for you at The Bluffs Pet Clinic!