A dog being given a massage

Who among us can deny the pleasure and benefits of a good massage? Whether you have sore muscles, are recovering from an injury, or simply enjoy a little bit of stress relief from time to time, a good massage can certainly hit the spot.

It probably comes as no surprise that massage can have many of the same benefits for pets as it does for people, and that more pet owners are turning to massage as a way to help ease pain and promote healing in their fur babies.

If you’ve ever considered booking a massage for Fido or Fluffy, we invite you to consider Tui-Na, a form of traditional Chinese massage therapy. Tui-Na for pets is growing in popularity as a non-invasive, drug-free way to speed healing and increase well-being (and the pets seem to enjoy it as well).

Tui-Na 101

Tui-Na, pronounced “twee na”, is a form of manipulative bodywork based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). By performing Tui-Na, which can be roughly translated as “pinch and pull”, the practitioner is attempting to removing any blockages or other disruptions to the natural flow of the body’s energy along the meridians and muscles, thus bringing the energy back into proper alignment.

This popular TCM modality is not generally used for relaxation purposes, but rather as a treatment for pain, injury, and a variety of musculoskeletal concerns. Tui-Na is often used in conjunction with other TCM therapies, such as acupuncture, herbalism, t’ai chi, and fire cupping. 

Tui Na for Pets

Pets, like people, can be negatively affected by blockages to the continuous flow of energy and blood throughout their bodies. According to the principles of TCM, when the body of a human or animal becomes unbalanced, their health is more likely to become compromised. Tui-Na is a highly effective technique that can address a variety of health issues in pets, including:

  • Muscle, tendon, and ligament conditions
  • Aging and mobility issues such as arthritis, joint stiffness, and overall weakness
  • Respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, and immune disorders

Tui-Na can also improve a pet’s overall well-being and speed healing by helping to increase blood and lymph circulation, maintain balance, and by promoting a better appetite and sound sleeping.

Know the Risks

Tui-Na is not recommended for pets that are frail, pregnant, or suffering from any open sores, bleeding, or infectious disease. It is not meant to be a replacement for mainstream veterinary medicine, and should always be performed under the guidance of an experienced and licensed professional.

At The Bluffs Pet Clinic, we believe that all pets deserve a gentle, balanced approach to medicine, and we are proud to provide exceptional quality care to each and every one of our patients. If you have any further questions about Tui-Na for pets or other TCM treatments, don’t hesitate to contact us.