A dog and catIt’s no secret. Some pets dread visiting the veterinarian. That means high-anxiety time for pets and their owners. Fortunately, there are tricks, techniques and products for both dogs and cats that dramatically reduce that stress-or eliminate it altogether.

Some pets seem to have antennae that warn them when they’re approaching the vet clinic. They know…and they’re not happy about it. Here are a few ways to change your pet’s mindset.

  1. Take a test-drive to the Bluffs Pet Clinic. Enter the parking lot, but don’t exit the car. Wait a few minutes and then return home. Your pet will see that nothing adverse happened when going to the clinic.
  2. Next, kick it up a notch. Call us and let us know you’re taking a “test drive” to the clinic. This time, park your car and bring your pet inside. Our friendly staff will be ready to greet your pooch or feline friend with lots of attention, pets and a treat—but no exam. It’s a purely “feel good” trip to the vet that costs you nothing, while creating a pleasant memory for your dog or cat. “Hmmmmm,” says your pooch. “Maybe this place isn’t so bad after all.” And remember cat lovers: our clinic is certified cat-friendly. We have a cats-only area in our waiting room which also helps de-stress vet visits for your cat.

If your pet’s still a bundle of nerves when it’s veterinarian time, Bluffs Pet Clinic offers natural calming supplements for both cats and dogs. Pick them up in advance of your pet’s appointment and give to your pet two hours before you head out.

Another option is Feliway for cats, and Adaptil for dogs. These products are synthetic cat and dog pheromones in a spray form that calm your pet. For cats and dogs brought in a kennel, simply spray the Feliway or Adaptil in the kennel 10 minutes before your pet enters it. If you include their dog or cat blanket in the kennel, spray that, too.

For large dogs, simply spray a pump or two in the room they spend most of their time in, and also in the car 10 minutes before entering it. The calming effect will occur within minutes.

Now that you have a new cache of techniques to make your pet’s vet visit a pleasant one, plan your trial run today, pick up some products and give these techniques a try. Your pet, as they say on “Animal Planet,” is sure to have a “Fear-Free” visit which, in turn, reduces your stress, too.

The stress free preparation doesn’t stop there.  At the clinic, we use Feliway, Adaptil and Lavender in the exam rooms before your pet arrives to continue their stress-free visit. Call us today for your “trial run” 651-388-1103.