Protecting Your Pal From Common Tick Diseases in Pets

ticksWhat’s small, has eight legs, and feeds off the blood of humans and animals?

You got it, ticks. These tiny parasites are not only gross, but they can also spread disease to both people and pets. Thanks to an increase in the geographical distribution of ticks throughout the country, tick diseases in pets are being diagnosed with greater frequency in recent years.

Tick-borne illnesses in pets can cause big problems, and may even be life-threatening in some cases, making knowledge of these illnesses an important part of responsible pet ownership.

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Your Guide To The Purrr-fect Holiday Gifts For Pets

holiday giftsIt’s hard to imagine a holiday season without at least one or two gifts for the four-legged friends in your life! Whether you completed your holiday shopping back in August or are still struggling to figure out what to buy, our ideas for holiday gifts for pets can round out your list.

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The Weather is Frightful, So is the Food: Preventing a Pet Poisoning This Holiday Season

The holidays are all about families celebrating together. Tables overflowing with savory, decadent food, champagne glasses clinking, and abundant greenery adorning every surface and walkway. All of this sounds lovely, but when you add your pet to the mix, your sparkling holiday scene could turn into a disaster rather quickly. While there’s definitely room for concern, pet poisoning around the holidays can be prevented when you learn to recognize the common culprits.
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Enjoying the Great Outdoors With Your Pet

outdoors with your petWith our plethora of beautiful lakes and Instagram-worthy natural areas, Minnesotans are no strangers to outdoor summer fun. For many, enjoying the great outdoors with your pet is a no-brainer. After all, Spot doesn’t want to spend all of his time inside when the call of the wild beckons.

From backyard barbecues to boating on the lake, we have all of the pet safety tips and summer care recommendations to ensure that everyone – two and four-legged alike – has the most amazing summer ever.

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The Principles of Summer Pet Care

summer pet careSummer may be halfway over, but the possibilities for fun with your pet are still endless…a game of fetch in Memorial Park, a hike along Barn Bluff Trail, or a trip to one of the many lakes in our area, for starters.

As fun as it is to enjoy the great outdoors with a pet, it’s important to keep in mind that too much time in the sun can pose a real danger to our four-legged friends. Practicing proper summer pet care is essential for an enjoyable and safe summer for your pet.

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