When Storms and Fireworks Cause Profound Pet Anxiety

pet anxietyIf you ask anyone living outside of Minnesota about our seasons, they may mention the one season we’re famous for – an extremely long winter. All kidding aside, we do have a full four seasons with temperature extremes during both the winter and summer. Instead of bitter cold and snow, however, we tend to face high heat and humidity between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
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For Lifelong Health, Put Pet Wellness First

istock-525497677Most pet owners see their pets as bona fide members of the family – a perception that, fortunately, leads to providing them with the best possible care. Undoubtedly, this means seeking out veterinary care when it’s needed the most. But there’s more to pet wellness than just the necessary vaccinations and young pet examinations.

Your pet deserves lasting health, a goal easily supported by routine screenings and disease prevention.

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